​Everlasting Life Outreach presents a new Jewish Evangelism Curriculum for Study Groups, "Removing the Veil." 

The Leadership Kit for this 6-Session Study includes:

    * A DVD of the 2-hour debate between Dr. Brown and Rabbi Gold. 

    * A CD in a PDF format containing curriculum questions and a word for word transcript of the debate. These can be copied and given to the group members.

     * A glossary

​     * Promotional Materials.


​​Resources for Jewish Evangelism and Apologetics


Study guide and DVD's   for $20.95 with free shipping.

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     They Thought For  Themselves

 $19.95 with FREE shipping




​​​Sid Roth's "They Thought for Themselves" is a collection of ten amazing Jewish people who discovered the truth about the Jewish Messiah that changed their world forever. Read how each of these individuals from very different backgrounds (Atheist, Concert Pianist, Holocaust Survivor, Ph.D., Media Executive) dared to explore the claims of Yeshua.  

Other Recources For Jewish​ Evangelism and Apologetics


Watch as Messianic Jewish scholar Dr. Michael Brown and Conservative Rabbi Michael ​Gold debate for two very different interpretations of Scripture. Recorded in 2011, this DVD is a wonderful tool for small group study as well as a perfect gift to give to the Jewish people in your life who have never heard the Gospel.